Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 2/6/17 and 2016-17 Boys District Championship Schedules,Previews & Predictions **Updated Scores**

photo courtesy of @stephtotrill

photo courtesy of @stephtotrill

The regular season is now over and it's time for teams to win or go home. Palm Beach Lakes capped off an impressive season at #1 of the #PBCHOOPS Power Rankings with a close win over Palm Beach Gardens Friday night. Lakes closed the season with a power ranking of 32.00. St Andrew's was close behind at #2 with 31.50 followed by Wellington and Dwyer in a tie for the #3 spot both finished with 24.50 power points. Suncoast and Cardinal Newman also tied for the #5 spots with 22.50 points.

The first season of using power rankings was a success allowing a way to better evaluate teams and reward those that stepped up their level of competition.

District Playoff Preview

The time for meaningless games is over and #PBCHOOPS teams must step it up if they plan to make any serious moves on the Road to Lakeland. The competition in Dade and Broward is stiff in almost every class. The teams that emerge from their respective district championships will have plenty more work to do in the coming rounds if they plan to make noise.

That being said these district matchups are intriguing and by no means are any of them forgone conclusion. Here's a look at the best:


Along with 10-9A the toughest district in the county hands down. Palm Beach Lakes stellar season has taken them out of the "Bracket of Death" in this top heavy district. Dwyer and Royal Palm will most likely rumble in the semi-final leaving one team moving on and another very good team going home. I've seen Royal Palm several times this season and they have not put a complete game together since week 1 when they throttled Lakes. If they do watch out, they are the forgotten team. On the other end, Palm Beach Lakes will need to beat a tough senior laden Boynton Beach squad or a rugged Forest Hill team. The Rams cannot over look their semi-final opponent, if they do the dream season comes to an end. That being said Lakes is a scary scary team, if they are on, playing D like they do and knocking down shots they can't be beat. I think Royal Palm wakes up and wins the district championship by beating 2 very good teams.


The other most competitive district also has 3 teams that can beat anyone on a given night. Coming into the season I liked Boca Raton to take the title. While they have had some bumps in the road they finished the season strong. Only issue now is the seeding, in order for the Bobcats to advance they will most likely have to beat a Lake Worth team they have lost to twice this season. While it's hard to beat a team 3 times Lake Worth matches up very well with Boca and plays a suffocating brand of defense. In the end this matchup will come down to coaching and execution, I like Boca in that scenario but it's still a toss up. Atlantic is sitting atop the bracket and has really picked up the pace to end the season. They have all the pieces to make a run, inexperience may be an issue but not enough to derail them from moving on the regional round.


Wellington is the class of the district and will move on to the regional round no issue.. John I Leonard comes in as the #2 seed and are a dark horse team to watch, They are another senior led team that can flat out score and has some toughness inside to give teams problems. A potential district championship of Wellington vs John I will be fun to watch. Both teams have a good shot in the regional round no matter who comes out on top.


Grandview and Atlantic Christian are the class of this small school conference. The Saints were right there with the Pride in their game this season. They play a tough brand of basketball and have a guy who can light it up in Kyle Feit. On the other side Grandview is lead by their best player Matt Schner, who can not only stroke it from 3 but can get to the basket. He's a matchup nightmare with his size and ability to shoot the ball. Tough call here but look for Atlantic Christian to come out on top in a very close championship game.


Village Academy has bigger and better things on their mind. They are battle tested and will roll in the district playoff. Jupiter Christian should meet VA in the final, they have a solid team and good guard play.


Westminster Academy has been rolling district teams all season long. They are state powerhouse, plain and simple. Their biggest test will come in the championship game when the face Benjamin. The Buccaneers, head coach Brandon Arnette and super soph Ben Lubarsky have quietly put together a nice season.


Cardinal Newman and Oxbridge Academy are destined to meet in the final, but honestly neither team really benefits from winning the championship if they lose what most likely be a rematch in the regional round. They split this season and we can't really be sure what to expect.


Don't know much about the other teams but know plenty about St Andrew's.. Their good.


Suncoast has really come out of nowhere this season. We knew they were a team to watch with all that talent and youth but they put it together nicely. They did all this while getting hit pretty bad by the injury bug. If they are healthy expect a long run, either way they win this district.

Well that's it.. Don't be surprised if some of these predictions are wrong and also don't be surprised if there is an upset or two early. There is not a lot of separation between teams and no true dominant team this year. Anything can happen. Should be a fun week.

Tournament Schedules

7-2A Host: Atlantic Christian

#1 Grandview Prep
#2 Atlantic Christian
#3 West Lake Prep
#4 Hollywood Christian
#5 Ave Maria
#6 Glades Day
#7 Donna Klein
#8 Sheridan Hills
#8 Lake Worth Christian


GM 1 Mon 2/6/17 5:00PM Grandview Prep 85 vs Sheridan Hills 29
GM 2 Mon 2/6/17 6:30PM Donna Klein 23 vs Atlantic Christian 68
GM 3 Tue 2/7/17 5:00PM Hollywood Christian vs Ave Maria
GM 4 Tue 2/7/17 6:30PM West Lake Prep vs Glades Day
GM 5 Fri 2/10/17 5:00PM Grandview Prep vs Winner GM 3
GM 6 Fri 2/10/17 6:30PM West Lake Prep vs Atlantic Christian
GM 7 Sat 2/11/17 7:00PM Grandview Prep vs Atlantic Christian

7-3A Host: Trinity Christian

#1 Village Academy
#2 Jupiter Christian
#3 Highlands Christian
#4 Boca Christian
#5 St Edwards
#6 Berean Christian
#7 Trinity Christian
#8 Lake Worth Christian


GM 1 Mon 2/6/17 7:00PM Lake Worth Christian 44 vs Village Academy 94 @ Village Academy
GM 2 Mon 2/6/17 7:00PM Boca Raton Christian 65 vs St Edward’s 72 @ St Edward’s
GM 3 Mon 2/6/17 7:00PM Trinity Christian Academy 38 vs Jupiter Christian 80 @ Jupiter Christian
GM 4 Mon 2/6/17 7:00PM Berean Christian 54 vs Highlands Christian 48 @ Highlands Christian
GM 5 Tue 2/7/17 5:30PM Berean Christian 63 vs Jupiter Christian 44
GM 6 Tue 2/7/17 7:00PM Village Academy vs St Edward’s
GM 7 Fri 2/10/17 7:00PM Berean Christian vs Village Academy

5-4A Host: Benjamin

#1 Westminster Academy
#2 Benjamin
#3 Somerset Canyons
#4 Weinbaum Yeshiva
#5 John Carroll
#6 Somerset Prep


GM 1 Tue 2/7/17 6:00PM Weinbaum Yeshiva vs John Carroll
GM 2 Tue 2/7/17 7:30PM Somerset Canyons vs Somerset Prep
GM 3 Wed 2/8/17 5:30PM Somerset Canyons 76 vs Benjamin 91
GM 4 Wed 2/8/17 7:00PM Weinbaum Yeshiva 59 vs Westminster Academy 69
GM 5 Sat 2/11/17 7:00PM Benjamin vs Westminster Academy

12-5A Host: The King’s Academy

#1 Cardinal Newman
#2 Oxbridge Academy
#3 Inlet Grove
#4 The King’s Academy


GM 1 Wed 2/8/17 5:00PM Oxbridge Academy 82 vs Inlet Grove 73
GM 2 Wed 2/8/17 7:00PM Cardinal Newman 68 vs The King’s Academy 40
GM 4 Fri 2/10/17 7:00PM Oxbridge Academy vs Cardinal Newman

13-5A Host: North Broward Prep

#1 St Andrew’s
#2 Saint John Paul II Academy
#3 Coral Springs Charter
#4 American Heritage
#5 North Broward Prep


GM 1 Tue 2/7/17 5:30PM American Heritage vs North Broward Prep
GM 2 Wed 2/8/17 5:30PM Saint John Paul II Academy 44 vs Coral Springs Charter 42
GM 3 Wed 2/8/17 7:00PM North Broward Prep 38 vs St Andrew’s 55
GM 4 Fri 2/10/17 7:00PM St Andrew’s vs Saint John Paul II Academy

15-6A Host: Suncoast

#1 Suncoast
#2 Port St. Lucie
#3 Fort Pierce-Westwood


GM 1 Wed 2/8/17 6:00PM Fort Pierce-Westwood vs Port St. Lucie @ Port St. Lucie
GM 2 Fri 2/10/17 7:00PM Fort Pierce-Westwood vs Suncoast

13-8A Host: Forest Hill

#1 Palm Beach Lakes
#2 Dwyer
#3 Royal Palm Beach
#4 Boynton Beach
#5 Forest Hill
#6 Olympic Heights
#7 West Boca Raton


GM 1 Tue 2/7/17 6:00PM Olympic Heights vs Royal Palm Beach
GM 2 Tue 2/7/17 7:30PM West Boca vs Dwyer
GM 3 Wed 2/8/17 7:00PM Forest Hill 51 vs Boynton Beach 75
GM 4 Fri 2/10/17 6:00PM Royal Palm Beach vs Dwyer
GM 5 Fri 2/10/17 7:30PM Boynton Beach vs Palm Beach Lakes
GM 6 Fri 2/11/17 7:00PM Dwyer vs Palm Beach Lakes

9-9A Host: Seminole Ridge

#1 Wellington
#2 John I Leonard
#3 Palm Beach Gardens
#4 Jupiter
#5 Palm Beach Central
#6 Seminole Ridge


GM 1 Tue 2/7/17 6:00PM Jupiter vs Palm Beach Central
GM 2 Tue 2/7/17 7:30PM Palm Beach Gardens vs Seminole Ridge
GM 3 Wed 2/8/17 6:00PM Palm Beach Gardens 54 vs John I Leonard 57
GM 4 Wed 2/8/17 7:30PM Palm Beach Central 43 vs Wellington 66
GM 5 Fri 2/10/17 7:30PM John I Leonard vs Wellington

10-9A Host: Park Vista

#1 Atlantic
#2 Boca
#3 Lake Worth
#4 Spanish River
#5 Santaluces
#6 Park Vista


GM 1 Tue 2/7/17 7:00PM Park Vista vs Lake Worth @ Lake Worth
GM 2 Tue 2/7/17 7:30PM Santaluces vs Spanish River @ Spanish River
GM 3 Wed 2/8/17 6:00PM Lake Worth 56 vs Boca Raton 52
GM 4 Wed 2/8/17 7:30PM Spanish River 47 vs Atlantic 59
GM 5 Fri 2/10/17 7:30PM Lake Worth vs Atlantic

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