Behind the Final #PBCHOOPS Top 5 and District Playoff Predictions *Updated Scores*

photo courtesy @Allen Eyestone

**Scores have been updated from games 2/3/16**

Final #pbchoops Top 5 1/31/16:
1. Grandview Prep
2. St Andrew's
3. Wellington
4. Dwyer
5. Royal Palm Beach
5. Cardinal Newman

The #pbchoops Top 5 ended with the same teams that started the season, albeit they took different routes. Grandview Prep went wire to wire as the undisputed #1 team in all of Florida. Friday they over powered an undersized Lake Worth Christian team to finish the regular season undefeated while facing the states best competition, ducking no one.

St Andrew's squeaked back into the #2 spot just in front of #3 Wellington, who won a couple of close games against John I and Palm Beach Central. Dwyer stayed solid at #4 after defeating Jupiter and Cardinal Newman. Royal Palm Beach and Cardinal Newman tied for #5 as two of the hotter teams entering the playoff.

District Playoff Preview

District 13-2A

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: Upperroom Christian 49 vs Boca Christian 81 5PM - Donna Klein 51 vs Grandview Prep 102 7PM

Saturday Feb 6, 2016: Championship game Boca Christian vs Grandview Prep 7PM
All games @ Grandview Prep

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Grandview Prep

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: The only chance the other teams had went out the window once the games were decided to be hosted at Grandview. Since their is no hope for transportation problems getting the team there, the Pride win easy.

District 12-2A

Monday Feb 1, 2016: Glades Day vs Trinity Christian 7PM

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: Village Academy 89 vs Lake Worth Christian 86 6PM - Atlantic Christian 76 vs Glades Day 34 7:30PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Championship game Village Academy 58 vs Atlantic Christian 60 7PM
All games @ Atlantic Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Atlantic Christian

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: Atlantic Christian has quietly had a solid season. look for them to face Village Academy in the championship.

District 11-3A

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: St. Edward’s 59 vs Jupiter Christian 51 4PM - FAU 58 vs Somerset Canyons 59 6PM - Yeshiva 61 vs Berean Christian 45 8PM

Thursday Feb 4, 2016: Yeshiva 57 vs Somerset Canyons 52 5PM - Benjamin 60 vs St. Edward’s 50 7PM

Saturday Feb 6, 2016: Championship game Yeshiva vs Benjamin 7 PM
All games @ Jupiter Christian

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Somerset

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: Logan Manos has lead Benjamin to it's best season in 5 years, beating Somerset on the way. This time around though, look for Max Demius to lead the Cougars to the district title defeating Benjamin in the title game.

District 11-4A

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: Clewiston 57 vs Glades Central 55 7PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Clewiston vs Lincoln Park Academy 7PM
All games at Clewiston

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Lincoln Park

District 12-4A

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016: Cardinal Newman 75 vs Inlet Grove 45 5PM - Oxbridge Academy 79 vs King’s Academy 45 7PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Championship game Cardinal Newman 56 vs Oxbridge Academy 43 7PM
All games @ Cardinal Newman

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Cardinal Newman

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: Oxbridge and Newman are the 2 best teams in the district, barring some sort of castophre they will meet in the championship. Crusaders won a close contest just over a week ago, Thunderwolves will need to figure out a way to keep KJ Fitzgerald out of the paint and contest his jumpshots. A tall task seeing as Fitzegerald is averaging close to 30 points a game this season.

District 13-4A

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: American Heritage-Delray 56 vs North Broward Prep 47 7PM

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016: St. Andrew’s 58 vs American Heritage-Delray 33 5:30PM - Coral Springs Charter 57 vs Pope John Paul II 49 7PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Championship game Coral Springs Charter 48 vs St Andrew's 60 7PM
Semifinal and championship games @ St. Andrew’s

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - St Andrew's

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: No one has stopped St Andrew's in this district all season, winning their games by double digits each time out. Don't expect anything to change as the Scot's march into a tough regional bracket next week for the right to move on.

District 15-5A

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016: Fort Pierce-Westwood 58 vs Port St. Lucie 83 5:30PM - Suncoast 64 vs John Carroll 30 7PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Championship game Port St. Lucie 52 vs Suncoast 60 6PM
All games @ John Carroll

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Suncoast

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: Suncoast should come out on top, even with the departure of Austin Evans, Christoph Nairn and company have enough to bring home another district title and advance.

District 13-7A

Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: West Boca Raton 50 @ Palm Beach Lakes 78 7:30PM

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016: Boynton Beach 69 vs Forest Hill 48 6PM - Royal Palm Beach 73 vs Olympic Heights 35 7:30PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Palm Beach Lakes 61 vs Royal Palm Beach 69 6PM - Dwyer 83 vs Boynton Beach 69 7:30PM

Saturday Feb 6, 2016: Championship game Royal Palm Beach - Dwyer 7PM
All games @ Palm Beach Lakes

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Royal Palm Beach

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: One good team is not going to advance and that's a shame. Palm Beach Lakes, Dwyer and Royal Palm Beach are the cream of the crop of #PBCHOOPS basketball this year but due to the fact they are in the same district, only two teams will advance. Dwyer and Palm Beach Lakes have an experienced back court and gobs of talent that goes deep down the bench. But the team with the best chance to go deep in the playoff in our opinion is Royal Palm Beach, the have a perfect mix of talent, athleticism and game changing players, X factors if you will. We pick them to come out on top of this district playoff beating Dwyer in a close game in the championship.

District 9-8A
Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: Seminole Ridge 57 @ Palm Beach Central 68 7PM

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016: Palm Beach Central 38 vs Wellington 62 6PM - Jupiter 49 vs Palm Beach Gardens 53 7:30PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Championship game Palm Beach Gardens 46 vs Wellington 64 7PM
Semi and Championship @ Jupiter

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Wellington

#PBCHOOPS Analysis: Although Wellington went on to win the State title last year, they did face a few a close calls along the way. The beauty of one and done is the best team doesn't always win just the best team on that night. That being said Wellington hasn't lost a district game in over a year, don't expect that to change this week. Look for Palm Beach Gardens to join them in the championship game and advance to regional round.

District 10-8A
Tuesday Feb 2, 2016: Spanish River 49 @ Lake Worth 69 7PM - Park Vista 60 @ John I. Leonard 83 7PM - Atlantic 67 @ Boca Raton 68 7PM

Wednesday Feb 3, 2016: Boca Raton 60 vs Lake Worth 58 6PM - John I. Leonard 48 vs Santaluces 62 7:30PM

Friday Feb 5, 2016: Championship game Boca Raton 54 vs Santaluces 60 7PM
Semi and Championship @ Santaluces

#PBCHOOPS Prediction: Winner - Santaluces

#PBCHOOPS Analysis:: This district is up for grabs, although Santaluces is the #1 seed and has gone undefeated in district play since the 1st week of the season, they will face challenges. Boca, Lake Worth, John I and Park Vista are better than they have been playing, John I and Park Vista both play Santaluces well historically, Santaluces split with both Park Vista and John I this year and seem happy to fall into the Chiefs side of the bracket. Loving nothing more than to dash their rivals playoff hopes by taking them out at home in the semis. On the opposite side its just as wide open with either Boca or Lake Worth heading to the championship game. In the end Sean Dinkins should dominate as the only true big in this playoff, if not look for John I, Lake Worth or Boca to take the bid.

Well there it is, should be a fun week of basketball. Since we can't be at every game help us out by tweeting scores and updates @pbcbballforum and use #pbchoops. We'll see you next week for regional previews

photo courtesy @Allen Eyestone

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